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Chiropody & Podiatry

Ipswich Podiatrist is one of the oldest podiatric centres in Ipswich with its principal practitioner, Liz Witherley having more than 30 years of experience. This is why she has gained the trust of her patients.


Diabetic & High Risk Foot Care

Diabetes leads to development of high levels of glucose in the body making feet prone to high risk. Diabetic patients should have their feet checked by a health care professional on an annual basis.

We treat a large number of individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Nail Surgery

Most nail problems can be treated conservatively; however an ingrown toenail is a painful condition where in some cases it grows in to the skin causing excruciating pain. Leading cause of ingrown toenail is improper footwear, badly cut toe nails. We have a proven track record of successful outcomes in our nail surgery.

Fungal Infection

Fungal nail infections can affect any affect, any part of your nail, including nail plate, bed and root. Most cases occur in a toe nail causing discolouration, odour, and sometime pain.

Contact us if you have a fungal nail infection, our treatment includes cutting and burring the nail and treatment with anti-fungal medication.

Welcome To Ipswich Podiatrist

Registered and regulated by HCPC (Health & Care Professionals)

Ipswich Foot Care provides a podiatry service in Ipswich in partnership with Ipswich Dental Surgery. Our podiatry services are run by state registered podiatrist Liz Witherley, who has practised podiatry in Ipswich for more than 30 years. Liz is state registered and regulated by HCPC (Health Care Professions Council).

Liz practices podiatry at Ipswich Dental Surgery on Tuesday and Wednesdays and is located at 27, Berners Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3LN.

Liz Witherley Specialises In

General Footcare

Ingrown Toe Nails

Corns & Calluses

Heel Pain



Sports Injuries

Diabetic Foot Care

Nail Surgery

Nail Conditions

Foot Massage

Athletes Foot


Liz practices podiatry at Ipswich Dental Surgery on Tuesday and Wednesday located on 27, Berners Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3LN.

What causes foot pain?

Many Foot and Ankle problems are stress injuries, caused by inappropriate footwear and poor gait while walking or running. These injuries can be treated by podiatry, using a combination of Orthotics, appropriate footwear and activity modification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is podiatry?

In the UK the terms Podiatrist and Chiropodist are used interchangeably. Podiatry is an internationally recognised name for a Foot Specialist treating painful foot conditions which may arise from pains of the lower limb, knee or heel pain affecting the balance and the way that you walk. 

What conditions do you treat?
  • Nail Cutting
  • Corns and Callus
  • Heel Pain
  • Fungal Nails
  • Athletes Foot
  • Verrucae and Warts
  • Ingrowing Toenail Surgery
  • Foot Assessments
How long are the appointments?

A new patient appointment to include assessment, medical history and treatment are usually 45 minutes long. Any subsequent routine appointments are 30 minutes long.

How often will I need to see the podiatrist?

After your first appointment the Podiatrist will discuss your diagnosis and proposed treatment plan with you and how often you need to have your feet checked. Often with ongoing conditions such as diabetes you may need to have your feet treated every 4 weeks; most general conditions subsequent visits are scheduled at 8-12 weeks.

Do you have a cancellation charge?

We request a 24-hour notification to cancel an appointment. Our standard charge
for a late cancellation or no show is at £20 for a 30-minute appointment.

What happens at my first visit?

On your first visit we will take a full medical history and assess your condition before your treatment. If you are taking long-term medication, please bring your prescription as it will aid in a sound diagnosis and effective treatment for your conditions.

Are you registered, regulated and monitored by a UK body?

Yes, we are fully qualified, professionally trained and registers, regulated and monitored by the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC). More information can be found here

Do I need to be referred by my doctor?

GP’s refer clients to us directly, most clients come directly to us via friends or family recommendation. Podiatry should be your first port of call if you have ongoing foot problems and you do not need a GP referral.

Can I claim through my medical insurance?

Most medical health insurance companies provide cover for chiropody and podiatry. Most clients visit us directly, although some insurance policies require your GP to authorise treatment so please check with your insurance provider.

You will require a receipt after each appointment, so that you can claim the amount back from your insurance company.

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